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Co·Found  |  \ ˌkō-ˈfau̇nd (verb.)

To join or help one or more others in founding (something, such as an organization or institution) : to found (something) jointly.

Our vision from day one has always come down to You! 

To help bring You more value on your Founder & Creator journey's, And to usher in the most inviting environment of opportunity for Early Stage Founders to meet, learn, connect, network, share and Co-Found. It is truly an honor to have created such an amazing community of brilliant Founders and Creators 9 years ago, 53 successful events together, And more than 15,000+ Members to date; Becoming the No.1 Startup Networking Community & Co-Founding events in Berlin and around the World!

IT'S BEEN PROVEN that the 5 KEY reasons for Startup failure in the early stages is the lack of effective and quality INFORMATION, ACCESS, RESOURCES, FUNDING and a DYNAMIC Co-Founding TEAM.

THE HARDEST PART in the beginning when you finally decide to invest in yourself, take the leap, and start your venture is to find and gather your very own community and 'tribe' of trusted Co-Founders, Advisors, Mentors, Collaborators, Coaches, Consultants, Investors, And Supporters all in one digital place; Who all BELIEVE IN YOU and are passionate about helping you succeed!


Our Co-Found Accelerator Community is filled with passionate, creative and driven people who are eager to MEET & BUILD a relationship WITH YOU! To help Co-Found & Accelerate your Venture and your Founders Journey Together!  


1. CO-FOUNDING your venture with you by helping you build the next great startup to go down in startup history! 

2. ANSWERING your most valuable questions, and sharing their knowledge, creativity, insights and expertise from their prospective industries and personal experiences.

3. GRANTING you access to their precious time, network, And making key introductions & recommendations. 

4. INTRODUCING you to valuable tools and resources you just can’t get anywhere else to help scale your progress and venture. 

5. SUPPORTING and encouraging you to continue on your journey by building a lasting business relationship with you that will grow over time. 

WE HAVE A MISSION To Be The World's Largest And Most Organic Online Accelerator Members Community, Events & Platform of opportunity to help Accelerate you to success, And empower You to seamlessly Connect, Learn from each other & our Experts, Network with purpose, Share your experiences & stories, And Co-Found the next great venture! We are the 0 to 1 Go-To Community and Starting Point for You all to meet with Startups, Co-Founders, Creators, Mentors, Collaborators, And Investors of all kinds that spark your interest – For You to form the next great team to go down in Startup History.

WELCOME ALL Creators, Founders, Co-Founders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate & Business people, Investors, Freelancers, Marketers, Influencers, Advisors, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Collaborators, Philanthropist, Inventors, Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Hackers, Developers, Artist, Designers, Creatives, CX / UX / UI Designers, Copywriters, Students, and most importantly Start-ups of all shapes, sizes and stages.

 Creating Opportunies For You, By You!

Now You have the power to create, experience, and design YOUR VERY OWN Co-Found Accelerator Community the way you like:

STEP 1 : START By creating your profile to let us know who you are and why you're here!

STEP 2 : BECOME AN ACCELERATOR MEMBER FOR FREE & JOIN our Exclusive List of Founders who can now unlock so many more benefits & features to build their trusted communities, promote their startup journey's and invite and find members from our Co-Found Community and their outside network who are interested and passionate about joining, supporting them on their founder journey's. 

STEP 3 : SEARCH our Co-Found Community To Personally INVITE AS MEMBERS OR HOSTS Your Chosen Potential Co-Founders, Trusted Advisors, Key Collaborators, Inspiring Mentors, Personal Coaches, Insightful Consultants, Interested Investors, And Passionate Supporters of ALL KINDS whom you believe will be your support system, And add lots of value on your journey.

STEP 4 : SHARE your New Startup Community Group and spread the word on all your social platforms and to your outside network to bring ALL of your supporters IN ONE PLACE

STEP 5 : GET STARTED by sharing your startup and founders journey stories, challenges, updates, and successes with your very own private network to get to know your potential Co-Founders better, get direct feedback on your progress and project, get encouragement and motivation, get introductions made and key resources, And most importantly start building a solid relationship with your very own dynamic Co-Founding Team! 

NOTE: Our team of Internal Investors are looking to INVEST IN YOU! And will be monitoring your community growth & progress based on how much you share, how well you interact within your private group, how many paid supporters you can gain, & how fast you can accelerate your startup journey to success!  

PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY purchase these Membership Plans on a PC or Web App on our mobile phone, NOT inside our actual app just yet.

  • YOUR VERY OWN PRIVATE OR PUBLIC Accelerator Members Community Group Listed On Our Community Platform Full Of Founders That Are Eager To MEET YOU!
  • EASILY INVITE & DISINVITE Members From An Unlimited Number Of Co-Founders, Mentors, Advisors, Couches, Consultants, Investors & Supporter Profiles That Spark Your Interest.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN Custom Group Topics Relevant To Your Founder Journey. You Can Also Filter And Save Your Favorite Topics To Organize Your Activity And Interests Better.
  • GO LIVE! - Create, Organize, Post And Promote Your Own Free & Paid Online And Offline Events & Virtual Sessions Directly Via Third Party Providers Such As Zoom, YouTube, Facebook & Other Tools.
  • MESSAGE ALL Your Members Live In One Chat Room To Share Your Progress And Journey ALL IN ONE PLACE.
  • SHARE Polls, Prompts, And Questions To Our Community To Help Validate Your Products And Services, And Bring More People Into Conversations Around Your Venture And Product.
  • RECEIVE Updates & Push Notifications Directly In Our Co-Found Accelerator Community APP
  • A FREE One Hour Discovery Session With The Usher Agency: ''With Your Truth Story, We Build Your Community Of Customers & Grow Your Business Organically.''

  • SAVE 15%
  • YOUR VERY OWN FREE OR PAID CONSULTANT COMMUNITY Group Branded With All Your Content & Detailed Offers & Services For All Our Members To See.
  • BECOME Listed As One Of Our Trusted Co-Found Consultants, Mentors, Coaches Or Advisors. 
  • ATTEND ALL OUR CO-FOUND EVENTS ( In Person & Online ) With Just One Co-Found ALL Access Membership; With Express Check-in + All Food & Drinks Included.
  • PROMOTE YOUR OWN Free Or Paid Courses, Classes, Workshops, or Webinars Directly To Your Members Within Your Group.
  • SHARE ALL Your Content through Business Articles, Company Blogs Posts, Social Media Posts, Videos And Any Other Content To Further Promote Your Brand.
  • INVITE YOUR OWN Trusted Mentors As Hosts Of Your Community Group To Expand Your Reach & Add More Value To Your Members
  • 24/7 On Retainer Consulting And Assistance On How To Most Effectively Design And Position Your Products & Services Best To Attract Our Members.
  • DEDICATED HIGHLIGHT E-MAIL Blasts Sent On Your behalf For ALL Our Members To See.
  • REFERRAL & CONCIERGE SERVICE: Where We Filter And Vet All Potential Contacts And Candidates To Match Your Needs ( Guaranteed Results )


  • SAVE 16% 
  • A FULL PAGE Featured Permanently At The Top Of Our Co-Found Home Page For All Our Members To See Every Day.
  • DESIGN, EDIT & SHARE All Your Rich Content, Links, Images And Videos To Promote Your Brand, Offers And Messaging At Any Time.
  • PITCH & PROMOTE Your Brand At All Our Offline & Online Co-Found Events - With Express Check-in & Food & Drinks Included ( 250-350 ) People at each event )
  • CONSULTATION On How To Best Design, Communicate To And Reach Our Community Members Creatively.
  • TOP VISIBILITY Updated On Our Feed At All Times.



For Any More Questions, Contact Our Host Directly: [email protected]

We Look Forward To Seeing You All Very Soon! 

- Michael

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